Why we love farmers markets.

Sal and Richo with a table full of freshies at one of our favourite markets - Hokowhitu Farmers Market, Palmerston North.

Sal and Richo with a table full of freshies at one of our favourite markets - Hokowhitu Farmers Market, Palmerston North.

With the summer heat, a (very little) bit of rain and a whole lot of hope, the plants and trees on the farm are fruiting up a storm and we are busy scrambling around trying to make sure no tomato leaf goes un-turned! This makes for some delicious summer meals around the family table and armfuls of vegetables, fruits and herbs for the farmers markets.

Have we told you how much we love farmers markets?

These wonderful little producer-run markets are our chance to connect with you, the mums, dads, budding chefs and gorgeous grannies. The people whose plates our farm fare ends up on. Our moment to hand over our vegetables and fruit in all their just-picked-glory to you and share a tale or two from the farm at the same time.

We’ve been digging, planting, watering and tending to our little plants since spring. So, to pick the bounty and to share it with our community when its at its freshest is bloody exciting. We love people coming back to see us for their favourites. Or better still, experimenting and picking out new seasonal goodies to take home and turn into something fabulous. A creamy new season aubergine or a bunch of seasonal greens; we love watching your eyes light up as you start imagining the meals you might make.

It’s about the food, but it’s more than that. As marketeers float around from stall to stall gathering up their weekly loot, you get the sense that no-one is in a hurry. As people carefully place their treasure into overflowing reusable bags, you figure that we haven’t quite lost the hunter gatherer in us yet. It is the sense of community and camaraderie as people swap ideas, stories, recipes and food that you’ll never find in a supermarket.

We learn something new every week. Last week we found out that if you cut the end of a cucumber and sprinkled it with salt - voila the bitterness is gone. This week, we learnt that greens with a few bug holes in it might just be more nutritious (great news!). 

We also love the chat. Anyone who has spent anytime on the farm knows that we like a good natter. Farmers markets give us a chance for a decent chinwag with anyone who lingers by our rhubarb long enough. It’s not that we’re not working, though. All these conversations are veritable food for thought. We find out what you love to eat and what we might grow.

Come see what the magic of the farmers market is all about. We’re at Albert Street Market every Saturday and Hokowhitu Farmers Market in Palmerston on the third Sunday of every month (next one 18 March).